Educational ICT services
and consulting
  • support services and development of uses

    Deployment methodology, communication and management of user communities are key to the successful launch and regular functioning of educational IT platforms and tools on a regional scale. Central to project manager’s expectations are progressive solutions and high user uptake.

    support services and development of uses
  • primary schools: ONE, the SaaS-based Open Source VLE

    The ONE project is run in partnership with a group of public and private stakeholders, with support from the French government’s “Investments for the Future” program. Inspired by the Open VLE approach and other previous projects, it aims to offer a simple, upgradeable, modular and Open Source VLE.

    primary schools: ONE, the SaaS-based Open Source VLE
  • innovative online services

    Closing the gap between the way students live and the way they learn! The model involves expanding the notion of VLEs by adding integrated, relevant, high value-added services (languages, leisure activities, resources, communication, teaching, audio-visual, management, etc.), whether they are new services and tools entirely dedicated to the Open Source VLE, or partner services distributed by WebServices for Education.

    innovative online services
  • expertise and project management support

    WebServices for Education has a comprehensive view of the deployment of e-learning tools and services. Our team members have been directly confronted with the professional needs of educational communities, the daily running of institutions, the technical complexity of large-scale projects, the political and economic constraints of project leaders and with the legal specificities of the field.

    expertise and project management support

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